CD:  Voices of Tranquillity

This is a recording of some fairly florid pre-Reformation English polyphony, made in 1995 in the chapel of Bramdean School, Exeter, England.  Some short chant items were subsequently added from a later recording, resulting in a slight mismatch of ambience with the polyphony, but the result still stands up very well.

We funded this with our earnings from the Gregorian CD, and it was subsequently published by Martin Souter under the English Heritage banner, and sold by EH through the shops at its various sites.  It is still available through Amazon (where you can hear excerpts from a few tracks) and Virgin MegaStore.

You can see the cover here and the contents list here.

(P.S. we were not responsible for the title of this CD...)

Produced and recorded by Ian Dent.  Edited by Martin Souter.

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